New public-private innovation initiative for green energy technologies

The Breakthrough Energy Coalition is working together with a growing group of countries who are significantly increasing their public research pipeline through the Mission Innovation initiative to make a greener future a reality, based on clean energy that is affordable and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The initiative was launched at the UN’s COP21 climate conference in Paris on 30 November.

The new model will be a public-private partnership between governments, research institutions, and investors. Scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs can invent and scale the innovative technologies that will limit the impact of climate change while providing affordable and reliable energy to everyone.

The 20 countries participating in the Mission Innovation initative will seek to double their governmental and/or state-directed clean energy research and development investment over five years. To date, 28 investors, mainly CEOs of major corporations, from 10 countries have also joined the Breakthrough Energy Coalition to make a commitment to invest capital in early-stage technology development coming out of Mission Innovation countries.