Sustainability and what it means to The Little Milk Company

The journey that the farmers have taken is a story of sustainable food production, from local Irish sources, to create a range of products that taste great, are sustainable, good for the environment and are exported all over the world.

By their nature the farmers of the The Little Milk Company have shown a commitment to sustainability since they began organic farming. They have shown that they are willing to take action and farm in a sustainable way, mindful of animal husbandry and the effect we all can have on the land around us. This has a direct effect on their incomes, as they have fewer yields than conventional dairy farming, so their commitment to a more sustainable green way of farming and of life is seen by their actions every day.

All our farmers are organic but they also participate in other environmental schemes, such as REPS (Rural Environment Protection Scheme), is a Scheme designed to reward you for farming in an environmentally friendly manner. One of its aims is to improve the environment on existing farms. REPS Establish farming practices and production methods which reflect the increasing concern for conservation, landscape protection and wider environmental problems;

Protect wildlife habitats and endangered species of flora and fauna;
Produce quality food in an extensive and environmentally friendly manner. ?Some of our farmers also participate in the follow-on from REPS scheme Agri-Environment Options Scheme (AEOS) which includes carrying out measures such as tree planting hedge laying, wild bird cover, habitat protection, wild meadows, and introduction of clover into their grassland, rare breeds promotion etc. ?All the farmers practice a sustainable organic low input dairying system.

Chemicals ?& GMO FREE
We do not use chemicals on any of our farms, in our food production, in our food maturing or anywhere else in our business. We are members of the Irish Organic and Farmers Growers association, an organic certification body. We are 100% organic and proud of it.

Sustainable Achievements

  • Accredited Origin Green Status in 2015
  • All Famers 100% Organic ?IOFGA Approved
  • All Famers signed up to REPS and some to AEOS
  • John Liston won county council and Department of the Environment environmental awards
  • Finalists of the Green Awards in 2013.
  • Finalist for Small Green Business of the Year 2015.
  • All cows are grass fed.
  • Won export awards at the Bord Bia Organic Awards 2014.
  • GMO Free.

More Information
Origin Green Case Study – The Little Milk Company & Sustainability [pdf 309kB]
The Little Milk Company’s participation in Origin Green covers the years 2014 to 2019, with 2014 being the base year. The company is targeting three areas for action:

    • Raw material sourcing (packaging)
  • The manufacturing process (biodiversity and whey)
  • Social sustainability (the company’s role in the community)