Kingspan’s new technology breakthrough

Kingspan Insulated Panels has just launched IPN-QuadCore, a new insulated panel core that delivers the best thermal, fire and environmental performance of any closed-cell material in the construction sector.

Created with a bespoke technology process that generates a unique microcell structure, IPN-QuadCore is set to bring about a fundamental shift in building performance, resulting in lower lifetime costs and enhanced environmental credentials.

IPN-QuadCore delivers a 20% thermal improvement over standard polyurethane insulated panel core insulation. It has a lambda value of just 0.018w/mK, the best in the industry, and achieves U-values as low as 0.08w/m2K. A study by energy consultants AECOM found that, when used in a standard 5,000m2 distribution warehouse in the UK, a Kingspan IPN-QuadCore building envelope will reduce annual energy demand by almost 14% compared with the notional Part L2A 2013 specification. The same study found that a Kingspan IPN-QuadCore building envelope solution could even reduce the initial capital cost of constructing the warehouse because it reduces the required HVAC system size.