Kilsaran Awarded For Energy Use Reductions

Kilsaran International, has been awarded the ISO50001 accreditation for the implementation of a new energy management system, an award that recognises the continual reduction of a businesses energy use, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and better energy efficiencies.

Kilsaran worked to introduce new energy saving systems across its 30 offices, Paving & Walling and Dry Products manufacturing facilities and its transportation fleet, with Kilsaran employees contributing to the effort at all levels.

Kilsaran began the implementation process in winter 2013 by forming a team involving members of staff from across the group’s operations, including two members of senior management, known as ‘the Energy Team’ to initiate and administer the system’s guidelines.

At management level, Kilsaran switched to more eco-friendly, locally sourced materials for its production process, while staff introduced day-to-day office efficiencies relating to lighting, heating and general energy use.

Kilsaran also invested in the services of independent energy advisors, Authentic Energy Management Services, to assist in the process. As part of the implementation and certification process Kilsaran published an Energy Policy, had to determine their energy baseline and identify the company’s significant energy users (SEU’s).

A detailed plan was then put in place and energy performance objectives and targets were set, with a proposed energy reduction figure announced. On a lighter note, Kilsaran ran an internal competition to promote the energy management system, where employees had to think of acronyms or tag lines that best represented the system, offering an €150 prize for the winner.

Commenting on the certificate, Kilsaran Director, Derry McKeown, said: “It’s crucial for companies to start implementing energy saving strategies now otherwise future generations will suffer.

“I’m thrilled that Kilsaran is the first paving manufacturer to gain ISO50001, as this sets us apart from the competition, especially for architects and specifiers who want to choose paving produce with the highest credentials.”

Kilsaran also holds ISO 9001, 14001 certification for its Quality and Environmental management systems and ISO 17025 certification for its laboratory management system.