Consultation on the Significant Water Management Issues in Ireland

Mr. Alan Kelly, T.D., Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, invites submissions and comments on the Significant Water Management Issues in Ireland [pdf, 2.91MB] for the Development of the Second Cycle River Basin Management Plans which he has published in accordance with Article 14 of the Water Framework Directive.

The Water Framework Directive was adopted in 2000 and requires member States to manage their water resources on an integrated basis in order to achieve at least ‘good’ ecological status. The first cycle of River Basin Management Plans for Ireland was published in July 2010 and planning for the second cycle is underway. This consultation document provides an overview of the current status of our waters. It outlines the challenges ahead in the context of environmental pressures and societal demands and explores the issues around each of these challenges.

Feedback is sought on the following issues:

  • Do you agree that the issues facing Ireland’s waters are the ones set out in this document?
  • Are you aware of other issues to be addressed?
  • What do you think are the most important issues to be addressed between now and 2021?
  • How do you think the challenges identified should be tackled and what would you do first?

Download Public Consultation Document [pdf, 2.91MB]