NSAI publishes New European standards SR CEN TS 16555 Parts 1-6

Innovation has in recent years become a new “buzz” word and is something many organizations are now striving towards – becoming more innovative. How can an organization take steps to becoming more innovative?

There are many publications and tools that can help but it can be difficult to know where to start.

NSAI has recently published a package of Innovation management standards developed by CEN – The European standard development body. These new European standards have been adopted by all CEN member bodies from the 31st of March, 2015.

There are currently 6 parts published with a one further part dealing with innovation management assessment expected to be published by the end of 2015. The first part addresses setting up an Innovation management system with parts 2-6 dealing with related topics such as strategic intelligence, Innovation and design thinking, intellectual property management, collaboration and creativity management. The standards provide guidance for organizations seeking to manage innovation and the related topics.

Scope to SR CEN/TS 16555-1:2013

Innovation Management – Part 1: Innovation Management System
This Technical Specification provides guidance on establishing and maintaining an innovation management system (IMS).
It is applicable to all public and private organizations regardless of sector, type or size.

This document provides guidance on:

  • understanding the context of the organisation;
  • establishing the leadership and commitment of top management;
  • planning for innovation success;
  • identifying and fostering innovation enablers/driving factors;
  • developing the innovation management process;
  • evaluating and improving the performance of the IMS;
  • understanding and using innovation management techniques.

By using this document, organizations can increase their awareness of the value of an IMS, establish such a system, expand their capacity for innovation, and ultimately generate more value for the organisation and its interested parties.

The use of a systematic approach to managing innovation is a good stepping stone for any organization aiming to become more innovative.

The NSAI Innovation Management Standards Consultative Committee has been engaged in the development of these European standards and indeed is now involved in the ISO TC 279 Innovation management

Where do you get Standards
Copies S.R. CEN TS 16555 parts 1 to 6 are available from the NSAI published standard catalogue www.standards.ie. A compendium publication of all 6 parts is also available with some savings on the purchase price.

Get Involved
For further information on this standards area contact Linda Hendy, Secretary of the NSAI Innovation Management Standards Consultative Committee