Energia delivers upgrade project to reduce Keelings' carbon footprint

Energia has delivered an energy efficiency upgrade project for fresh produce business Keelings, which will mean a reduction in Keelings’ carbon footprint by 94 tonnes of CO2.

Already suppling gas to Keelings, Energia replaced the existing lighting at its facilities at Foodcentral in North Co Dublin with an energy efficient LED system and fitted insulation in the company’s storage facilities.

As a result Keelings is reducing its annual energy consumption by 187,000kWh, leading to the 94 tonne reduction in its carbon footprint.

“Here at Keelings, we are committed to ensuring a stable business for our customers and employees, whilst pursuing a positive impact on both the environment and local community,” said Wasim Haskiya, Keelings’ energy manager.

“Our fruit is produced using sustainable practices and we’ve partnered with Energia to do our part in helping Ireland reach its sustainable targets.”

The Keelings family story goes back to 1896 when the family worked a farm in the Donabate area of Co Dublin. Its current farm was established in 1926 and initially rhubarb was one of its main crops. In the 1930s, it began growing fruits and salads and supplying them to local Dublin markets.