LIEN [Large Industry Energy Network] Report 2013

Ireland’s largest energy users have improved their energy performance by 27% since 1995 according to a new report by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).
The report [pdf, 1.42MB] on the Large Industry Energy Network (LIEN) shows that the 166 member companies who have a combined annual energy spend of €1.1bn, account for over 17% of Ireland’s total primary energy requirement. These companies made energy savings of €32m last year.

The LIEN was established by SEAI in 1995 as a voluntary network of Ireland’s largest industrial and commercial companies who share the common goal of reducing energy use and saving on their energy bills. The members, who report annually on their energy performance, share best practice and pilot new approaches to energy saving to ensure continuous improvements.

Brian Motherway, Chief Executive, SEAI commented: “These companies are leading the way in energy efficiency and the savings they achieve translate directly into improved competitiveness, reduced energy imports, and increased job security. The Network has grown to become one of the leading voluntary industrial energy user networks in the world and as we approach its twentieth anniversary next year, we encourage other companies to join so they too can realise the benefits.”

Many of the LIEN companies also implement international energy management systems which, through deeper and more structured engagement, deliver further savings. Irish operations frequently lead the way for their global counterparts in trialling and adopting world leading energy standards and practices. This has placed Irish business firmly on the map for excellence in energy management