Repak Announces Fee Rebate to Members

Repak has announced a fee rebate system to compliant member companies, commencing in 2015.

For members who supply packaging statistics, rebates will be payable subject to the following criteria being satisfied:

  • Packaging statistics being supplied by the due date;
  • Invoice paid by the due date.

Invoices for Half 1 2015 Repak fees are being issued in December 2014, payable by 31 January 2015. If this invoice is paid by the due date, members will be entitled to a 5% rebate of the invoice amount. As this is the first period for which rebates are being made, the statistics deadline condition is being waived.

However, for all future periods, the rebate will be conditional on both conditions being met (statistics and invoice dates).

Rebates will be paid to members via the SEPA bank transfer system.

For members who do not supply statistics but pay a single annual fee, the rebate will be conditional on signing up to a direct debit payment system.

Repak CEO Seamus Clancy said that it is intended, where possible, to maintain a fee rebate system into 2016 and subsequent years. Such rebates, however, will be subject to review by the Repak Board, having regard to the sustainability of the overall funding of packaging recycling and meeting Ireland’s EU targets.

He emphasised that these rebates are subject to the strict conditions set down by Repak for members meeting required compliance targets in terms of statistical returns and invoice payments or direct debits. Members who fail to meet those requirements for any statistical / payment period will not be eligible for a rebate for that period.