'Sustainable Cream' wins GIIL and Diageo London acclaim

Glanbia Ingredients Ireland Limited (GIIL) and Diageo have been recognised in London at the Responsible Business Awards for their ‘Sustainable Cream’ initiative.

They won the Best B2B Partnership prize for jointly creating a benchmark sustainability programme for the entire process chain from the fresh milk supplied by Glanbia’s farmers all the way to the final product – Baileys Irish Cream liqueur.

GIIL is the sole supplier of cream to Baileys – a partnership which is in existence since 1974. Wherever a glass of Baileys is consumed around the world, it is made with Irish cream from Glanbia in Virginia, Co Cavan.

“The success of the Sustainable Cream initiative has demonstrated that an uncompromising focus on sustainability can have long-term commercial benefits,” said Jim Bergin, GIIL CEO.

Over the course of the initiative, Diageo and GIIL worked together to deliver a truly transformational programme resulting in best practice guidelines contributing to a reduction in the environmental footprint of the industry.

Luis Rangel, global head of commodities and raw materials for Diageo, said: “For Diageo, it is important that our business partners share our values with respect to sustainability, responsible sourcing and ethical business practices. Glanbia has been an outstanding example for everything this award represents”.

GIIL has prioritised sustainability as a key focus with the introduction of the ‘Open Source’ sustainability and quality assurance programme launched earlier this year whereby all 4,500 farmer suppliers will be audited to comply with core sustainability benchmarks.

The GIIL Virginia plant recently won the International Carbon Trust award for carbon reductions

Best B2B Partnership
This award goes to the best sustainability/corporate responsibility partnership between two companies. The companies could be competitors, business partners or in different industries/sectors. The winner will have shown clear commitment to a long-term, mutually beneficial collaboration that can demonstrate real commercial benefits and social/environmental/governance gains for society.

Source: envirocentre.ie