BIM host Green Resource Efficiency Seminar for seafood retailers

BIM recently hosted a free,half-day seminar in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin Airport on Tuesday the 14th October to assist Seafood Retailers to explore smart and inexpensive methods of reducing energy, water and transport costs. Expert talks were delivered by SEAI (Key Tips for Saving Energy Costs) and Ecofleet who advised attendees on how to save money and operate a fuel-efficient commercial vehicle fleet. BIM also introduced their Green Seafood Business Programme which aims to deliver resource efficiency improvements and reduce operating costs for seafood businesses.

The half day event included a presentation from the EPA’s Green Business programme, who launched their “Resource Efficiency for the Retail Sector” guide which outlines tips for the retail sector covering waste, water and energy. Case studies were also presented by the Musgraves Group who have saved a substantial amount of money in the last five years by introducing energy reduction methods in warehousing, distribution and retail.

The seminar was well attended by seafood retailers from the Leinster region and by several other agencies with an interest in reducing running costs in their business. This seminar is the first event targeted at Seafood Retailers under the BIM Green Seafood Business Programme which aims to assist Seafood Retailers to become a Cleaner, Greener sector in the future.