ERG – Trans Frontier Shipment (TFS) Partner

Environmental Resource Group (ERG) are one of the UK’s most dynamic and forward thinking hazardous waste management specialists. Operating on a nationwide basis from a number of strategically positioned offices and permitted facilities. But what makes ERG truly impressive are their Trans Frontier Shipment (TFS) capabilities.

These are innovative alternative recovery processes for waste streams typically destined for disposal within the UK and instead offer clients a legal and compliant recovery alternative within continental Europe. It is fully supported by the appropriate approved documentation and uses ERG’s robustly audited European industry partners to enable successful recovery of particular waste streams.

ERG have technically skilled people and equipment to assess your waste to help minimise the reliance on landfill and outdated UK based processes; a bonus for both the client in potential reduction in costs and huge benefit to the environment.

ERG’s CEO Aron James stated ‘There is more to us than just the collection and disposal of drums. We formed the business in 1996 with the sole purpose to develop a waste management business unlike any other. Of course we can dispose of hazardous waste, and advise or train clients on all aspects of waste management. Our mission in this highly legislative industry though is to provide peace of mind.’ James went on to say, ‘Our hazardous TFS capability is niche. There are only a handful of Companies able to provide this service within the UK market and we are able to store, aggregate and bulk transfer particular wastes for TFS, including Isocyanates, flammable solids, contaminated packaging, resins and adhesives and are able to explore bespoke waste streams on request. We aim to be the ‘one stop shop’ for businesses of any size with any waste management requirement from a single drum per year, through to bulk waste disposal. Our team are equipped to offer expert advice on remediation, recycling, transportation and disposal & recovery options to drive efficiencies, save costs and improve our client’s environmental performance.’

The Group’s range of services is flexible, to support the needs of a full spectrum of clients including small owner managed businesses, Local Authorities, through to major blue chip and corporates. Visit the website for more details or call a member of the support team on 0844 692 0000.