Cavan Sewerage Scheme

Glan Agua Ltd have signed the Contract for the Cavan Sewerage Scheme, Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade.

The contract consists of the design, supply, construction, installation and commissioning of an expanded/upgraded wastewater treatment plant to accommodate a design capacity equivalent to a population of 30,000.

The works will consist of:

  • Preparation of detailed design drawings showing proposed expanded site layout with interface to existing structures.
  • Development of new green field site on opposite side of the Cavan River to existing treatment plant site to accommodate proposed upgrades and future capacity upgrades.
  • Assessment of existing process treatment units to ensure structural integrity and complying with the design life specified in the works requirements for the existing structures.
  • Construction of an upgraded/expanded wastewater treatment plant on land around and adjacent to the existing plant site located at Keadue Lane.
  • Interface between new and existing treatment units as appropriate ensuring sufficient pipe gradients to ensure gravity flow where possible.
  • Construction of a new 600mm single land access road
  • Commissioning of the mechanical, electrical and process elements of the wastewater treatment plant and ancillary works.
  • Provision of a detailed operation and maintenance manual for the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Operation and maintenance of the existing treatment works during the Design, Build period followed by a 1 year Operation and Maintenance Process Proving Period for the entire upgraded/expanded plant subject to successful completion of the Testing and Commissioning period.