Wood for Good launches lifecycle assessment sector database

The free-to-use database, which was unveiled at London’s Building Centre, has been designed to aid the specification of timber products in construction schemes. It contains environmental performance information on all major timber products from cradle to grave. Wood for Good has gathered data on every aspect of the lifecycle of timber products, from forestry, harvesting, transportation, processing and manufacturing, through to the various end of life options. The resource includes modern-engineered solutions such as cross-laminated timber (CLT). Using the data, built environment professionals will be able to make informed decisions about the materials they choose and model the impact this will have on the lifecycle performance of the buildings they design. A key initial finding from the database is that each of the products studied has a carbon negative rating on a cradle-to-site basis. This means that the amount of carbon absorbed and stored in the timber is greater than that emitted from harvesting, processing and transportation.

Source: envirocentre.ie