Anaerobic Digestion deployment in the United Kingdom

Today, NNFCC has announced the publication of a definitive report on Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Deployment in the UK.

Based on information from NNFCC’s anaerobic digestion deployment database, the report provides a comprehensive regional breakdown of sector development in the UK and gives detailed information on feedstock requirements, installed capacity and output type (combined heat & power or biomethane – to-grid) for each project from the first public announcement through to operation.

The deployment database is updated on a monthly basis using a number of data sources. Combined, these data sources provide an accurate insight into the various types, scales and statuses of AD projects throughout the UK.
AD is a key focus area for the NNFCC. The industry in the UK has experienced rapid growth in recent years and this is set to continue for years to come.

Understanding the deployment landscape is vital for investors, developers and policymakers alike and for the first time, this report provides details on a region by region level all AD projects in the development pipeline.

Dr Jeremy Tomkinson, CEO of NNFCC said, “This report provides a comprehensive picture of the AD sector. The information contained in it will prove invaluable for any stakeholder in the industry. He continued, “The data contained in it will provide those looking to invest with information fundamental to the decision making process.”