Irish energy company Vayu has signed a multi-million euro electricity supply and energy monitoring deal with Cemex, one of Ireland’s largest and most successful building materials companies. The deal provides Cemex with direct access to transparent wholesale electricity market prices across 30 sites, allowing the company to achieve significant savings compared with traditional fixed rate tariffs by purchasing power at the best price available in the market at any time.

In addition to electricity supply, Vayu is providing Cemex with an integrated Energy Management solution that will enable the company to monitor and target energy performance across its sites in real time. By tracking energy consumption throughout its operations and identifying areas for greater efficiency, this solution will enable Cemex to achieve projected reductions in electricity usage of over 15%, resulting in significant cost savings.

The ability to source 100% green energy for its operations was a key consideration for Cemex, which is a leader in environmental sustainability within the construction industry.  Vayu is the only energy company in Ireland to supply all its customers with electricity 100% attributed to renewable sources.  This means that the carbon footprint of Vayu’s customers is zero in terms of the electricity they consume.

David Kelly, Operations Manager, Cemex Ireland: “Since partnering with Vayu, Cemex has gained a greater understanding of our energy consumption.  Through Vayu’s hands-on approach to customer engagement, we have been able to make informed decisions on how best to buy our energy, resulting in great savings for our business.”

“In an ever-changing competitive landscape it is important for Cemex to take control of the amount of energy we consume and, in turn, our impact on the environment. Moving to the next stage of how we will work with a key partner such as Vayu, this solution will help us understand and monitor our electricity usage with a view to better managing our consumption. We are excited about this project’s potential.”

Ciaran Gahan, Energy Services Specialist at Vayu, says: “As our partnership with Cemex shows, Irish businesses are becoming more sophisticated in how they manage their energy procurement and usage.  Companies are moving away from traditional approaches to meeting energy needs and seeking better value from their energy expenditure.”

“In particular, we are seeing increased demand for solutions that allow managers to become more proactive in the area of energy management.  This is a key focus for Vayu as we work with businesses to provide the tools and insights they need to achieve greater energy efficiencies while optimising their energy procurement throughout the year.”