Soundwave transforms their HQ with Smart Wall Paint Clear

Smart Wall Paint is set to launch our clear whiteboard paint in Europe promising to provide “a double-whammy of extra functionality whilst maintaining the aesthetics of an education, home or business environment.”

Our Smart Wall Paint transforms entire walls, including desks, table tops, doors, glass and much more, into writing surfaces, providing users with a limitless canvas for creativity and collaboration. Also available in white, Smart Wall Paint allows users to transform an ordinary room into an inspirational and creative space that promotes teamwork, ideas and innovation.

“We not only offer you a write-on wipe-off area for all your brainstorming needs but Smart Wall Clear promotes your original décor and design,” according to Ronan Clarke, Founder of Smart Wall Paint.

Clarke revealed that “Home owners can retain their original wallpaper or original paint, and with just one coat of Smart Wall Paint Clear, can write and wipe-off – over and over again, which is especially perfect for playrooms. The learning and creative opportunities for educational purposes are endless. For businesses, Smart Wall Paint Clear can not only transform boardrooms and office walls into a high performance dry erasable and durable whiteboard surface, but it can also be applied to metal, glass and concrete.”

Customer’s already making use of the clear paint include Soundwave, the popular music discovery app. Soundwave, launched in June 2013, and has been downloaded in over 190 countries by over 750,000 users. The company transformed their walls in their Dublin HQ in November 2013 with Smart Wall Clear Paint.