The environmental cost of modern food

Food Printing Oxford: How to Feed a City [pdf file2.77MB] wants to reconnect the population with what they eat. This recently released report, focusing on Oxford (United Kingdom), aims to reverse the disconnect people feel between food and food production. This is done by providing information on where the food we eat comes from, how much land, water and energy is required to produce it, and what greenhouse gas emissions are involved.

This information enables citizens to view their food in a larger environmental context, allowing them to make an informed choice about their diets. Rather than promoting a specific course of action, the report provides clear information, leaving the choice to consumers and suppliers.

The report concludes that the most important actions to mitigate the environmental impact of food can be carried out by citizens, namely reducing food waste and a change in diet to consume less meat. Food Printing Oxford: How to Feed a City was commissioned by Oxford City Council on behalf of Low Carbon Oxford.