Eunomia Publishes Results from the Consultation on European Waste Management Targets

Eunomia was commissioned to undertake a review of the targets in the Waste Framework Directive, the Landfill Directive and the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive by DG Environment at the European
Commission . This study aims to identify the key issues with the existing targets and propose possible solutions.

The European Commission triggered the review in order to act on the review clauses set out in the Directives, and to look at how the targets can better contribute to Europe’s broader ambition to promote resource efficiency.

The first phase of this project involved a web-based consultation to which all European stakeholders were able to respond (including public authorities, citizens, third sector organisations, and industry). The consultation ran between 4th June and 10th of September 2013, during which a total of 670 responses were received.