The new ECODIM® range from Luxonic uses innovative lighting technology to maximise energy savings by utilising natural light available and adjusting accordingly whilst maintaining sufficient light levels. The intelligent luminaires use clever daylight controls to detect when there is adequate daylight present for the environment to be lit and either dim or turn off the luminaire, therefore making significant energy savings.

The ECODIM® luminaires are available with linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent and LED light sources for surface, recessed and suspended lighting systems to suit a wide variety of applications.

Passive Infra Red (PIR) detectors are used to monitor occupancy of a space which links to the Auto On/ Off feature allowing the light to be turned off if the designated area is not being used. An Auto On/Off to Dim feature can be applied which co-ordinates the dimming of light levels when no occupancy is detected, as opposed to turning them off completely, which provides a low level background luminance.

The luminaire can dim up or down according to the light contribution from daylight with the daylight link feature, maintaining the required illuminance by measuring reflected light via a reflective surface located underneath the sensor. The daylight link technology can also be adjusted to turn off completely when sufficient daylight is detected. Artificial lighting can also be prevented from switching on in the first place when natural light levels exceed requirements even when occupancy has been detected with the daylight inhibit feature.

The Alterlux Harmony is a range of single lamp intelligent luminaires for recessed installation and benefits from the ECODIM® feature as is the Alterlux Surface ECODIM®, designed for either surface mounting or rod suspension applications.

The ECODIM® function can also be applied to the INDUSTRIALUX range, an enclosed IP65 T5 luminaire that is durable and dust resistant for warehouse environments. Likewise, the surface mounted LBE ECODIM® can also be used for warehouses and large open areas. Both luminaire units provide efficient and effective lighting for large open areas while keeping energy costs to a minimum by automatic on/ off and dim controls that eliminate any need for manual intervention.

Further information on ECODIM® luminaires is available from Luxonic Lighting on 01256 363090, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at