Quinn Manufacturing Group rebrands its Plastics Division as Polycasa

Following considerable market analysis which included extensive research with customers, Quinn Manufacturing Group is rebranding its plastics business under a name, Polycasa, and logo that is more relevant to the products it makes and the markets and end-customers it serves.

Polycasa is the largest non-integrated manufacturer in Europe of plastic sheeting, which is produced through a polymerisation process. The plastic sheeting is used to produce a range of consumer end products, such as roof lights, bath tubs, shelving, signage, vehicle interiors, airport sound barriers, shower screens and fridge liners. All of Polycasa’s manufacturing plants and more than 80% of its sales are in Continental Europe.

The company’s new name Polycasa – the ‘home of plastics’ – reflects this. Polycasa’s logo, which is incorporated in the ‘O’ of the name, is made up of circles of different sizes and colours to reflect both the range of end products and a vibrant fresh approach.