Plastics Packaging – Recyclability by Design 2013

An essential guide for all those involved in development, design, marketing and procurement

Recoup understands the ‘packaging journey’ from design, to collection to sorting, to reprocessing and recycling – review the Recyclability by Design Guide to see how you can reach destination ‘recyclability’

Packaging should be designed to satisfy technical, consumer and customer needs in a way that minimises environmental impact. This means packaging should be designed to use the minimum amount of resources to serve its core purpose, and once it has completed its job to maximise the opportunity for recyclability.

More and more plastic packaging producers are taking active steps to understand what really happens within collection and handling systems for recyclables, and, where appropriate, ensuring their packaging is designed to be recycled.

Based around a key UK and European endorsed design guide, (Plastics Packaging – Recyclability by Design) Recoup works with its extensive network of members and contacts across the plastics packaging supply chain to understand and identify the current practicalities of recycling plastic packaging, and represents an important aid for the journey to sustainable production and consumption.

The aim of this guide is to encourage designers to consider recycling possibilities, provide guidelines, for those wishing to make their packaging (more) recyclable and provide everyone with information to prevent their packaging inadvertently interfering with existing plastic recycling schemes.

It is an essential guide for all those involved in plastic packaging development, design, marketing and procurement. The guide was first launched in 2006, commissioned by Recoup and sponsored by Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc.