Leading European Electronics Recycling Standard Now Meets EPEAT Green Requirements

The Green Electronics Council (EPEAT) has announced that WEEELABEX, a leading waste electronics treatment standard, has met the environmental requirements of EPEAT®, the definitive global rating system for greener electronics. WEEE Ireland, the Irish compliance scheme for electrical and battery recycling, has been a member of the WEEE Forum since 2005 and works with them to ensure that these standards are developed to deliver a better quality service when it comes to recycling WEEE in Ireland and Europe.

Standards in recycling will play an important role in developing a more resource efficient and circular economy in Ireland as illustrated in the recent WEEE Ireland infographic that can be found on www.weeeireland.ie/WEEE-infog2.pdf. In 2012, WEEE Ireland was the leading player when it came to electronic recycling in Ireland, with almost 8kg recycled per person compared to the EU target of 4kg.

This qualification makes it easier for manufacturers to register their green electronics with EPEAT in Ireland and Europe. The EPEAT registry is available in 42 countries worldwide, including Ireland, and currently includes three product categories: PCs and Displays, Televisions, and Imaging Equipment (printers, copiers, multifunction devices, etc). Using EPEAT, purchasers in the public and private sectors can identify, compare and select environmentally preferable devices.

Manufacturers who wish to register their products with EPEAT in a given country must meet specific environmental criteria, which include product take back and responsible recycling. WEEELABEX joins R2 and e-Stewards as the only recycling standards to meet the EPEAT requirements for responsible recycling of electronics in Europe.

“WEEELABEX is an excellent recycler standard, top-of-class globally in terms of environmental outcomes and protection of worker health and safety,” says Jeff Omelchuck, Executive Director of EPEAT Registry Services. “We were pleased that our analysis found it meets the stringent requirements of the EPEAT system.”

Pascal Leroy, Secretary General of the WEEE Forum, says: “The WEEE Forum was formed to create a responsible electronics recycling system inEurope. Our members including WEEE Ireland and their producer clients are very pleased that our standard was recognized as a global leader. Being able to meet EPEAT’s requirements for recycling will help our members gain the green recognition in Europe that they deserve.”

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