Ireland supports environmental controls in Durban

Environmental control is increasingly important in South Africa as the population continues to grow; now exceeding 50 million.

Recognising that the necessary skills were not available locally, 3 delegates of eThekwini Water and Sanitation traveled more than 14,000 km from the eThekwini municipality of Durban, South Africa to Dublin, Ireland to receive training that will help them to reduce pollution in Durban.  The training was provided by NOONAN, Ireland’s largest facility management company and a registered training provider for the Water Services Training Group in Ireland.

The South African delegates, Ms Claudia Botha, Mr Mike Hebbelman and Mr Sunil Ramkissoon received best practice training on the management, licensing and control of fats, oils and grease to reduce the impact on their environment and the people of South Africa.

When the fats, oils and grease produced in food preparation and cooking are discharged to drains, it congeals and accumulates in pipelines causing blockages. These blockages result in raw sewage overflowing into streets, homes, rivers and streams impacting the water supply needed by the local population and introducing serious and life threatening ailments such as bacillary dysentery, hepatitis, meningitis and typhoid fever to the community.

The training provided by NOONAN will help eThekwini Water and Sanitation to reduce pollution in the eThekwini area by implementing an effective fats, oils and grease inspection program which will improve the quality of life for all of the local communities.