Aramark Ireland to Expand Energy Management Division

ARAMARK Ireland is to expand its Energy Management division following the company’s success in implementing significant energy projects on behalf of leading organisations including Forfás, Liffey Meats and the Royal Victoria Eye & EarHospital.

ARAMARK Ireland is a leading integrated services provider of food, environmental, facilities and property management services to clients in the pharmaceutical, financial services, IT and manufacturing sectors, as well as institutions in the educational and healthcare sector. As one of the country’s largest employers with 4,000 people across 980 locations throughout the island of Ireland, ARAMARK Ireland is headquartered in Dublin, with regional offices in Cork, Limerick and Belfast.

Donal O’Brien, Chief Executive of ARAMARK Ireland, says that the company’s ‘green business’ was set to grow exponentially as the EU transitions to a competitive low-carbon economy, leading to the creation of an additional 25 jobs over the next twelve to eighteen months.

“Realising the energy efficiency potential of buildings is central to the EU’s energy efficiency policy and we anticipate growing demand for our building retrofit services which will create additional employment of engineering and science graduates in our Energy Management division. These jobs will be located inIrelandprimarily, but as we export our service capabilities acrossEurope, there is the potential for additional job creation and growth,” he explains.

Buildings across Europe waste €270 billion every year and account for 40 per cent of CO2 emissions. 80 per cent of the buildings to be occupied by 2050 have already been built and a sustained campaign for energy efficiency in buildings is being planned across the EU.

“According to the Forfás, Cost of Doing Business in Ireland 2012 Report, Ireland is the fourth most expensive location in the Euro area for electricity. After employee costs energy is one of the biggest costs on businesses, and this is only set to increase in the future, given our dependence on imported fossil fuels. Energy efficiency is a priority for many companies and retrofitting is an investment which yields immediate and substantive savings to the bottom line,” adds Donal O’Brien.

The company is currently implementing the country’s largest energy efficiency campaign in 250 state buildings on behalf of the OPW in order to assist with the reduction of 20 per cent in total carbon dioxide emissions. “We have found that through staff behavioural changes alone, savings of up to 20 per cent can be achieved,” he points out.

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