Rx3 Wins the Green Public Sector Award

The rx3 team ‘cleaned up’ at the recent National Green Awards by taking home the Green Public Sector Award. RPS, engineering consultants based in Dublin, manage rx3, a Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government (DECLG) programme. Rx3 is designed to promote the development of new markets for waste resources similar to the ‘WRAP’ initiative in the UK.

‘Rx3’ – Rethink, Recycle, Remake was set up in 2008 and fundamentally refocused our national waste management approach towards ‘resource efficiency’. To encourage prevention, reuse and recycling, a new front end ‘Rethink’ was introduced to embed resource conservation principles and a new back end ‘Remake’ to show that recycling had not been achieved until a new product was made from the waste material.

Over the past five years ‘rx3’ has grown in national stature with major stakeholders in the waste and material resource area – NCAD for industrial design, Science Gallery for exhibiting the ‘Trash to Cash’ competition and has assisted many start-up companies in the household and agricultural sectors.

Rx3 has also developed and obtained NSAI accreditation for a new national compost standard and are currently conducting compost trials in partnership with agricultural research institutes.


Pictured are: Louise Connolly, Olivier Gaillot, Department of Environment rx3 Steering Group, Chairperson Margaret Daly, PJ Rudden, Brenda Mc Evoy and Conor McGovern.

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