EPA Launches New Air Quality Index for Health

The Environmental Protection Agency has launched Ireland’s new Air Quality Index for Health. This web-based index, developed in conjunction with the Health Service Executive, Met Éireann and the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government shows what the current air quality is across Ireland. The Air Quality Index for Health is a coloured scale divided into 4 bands: Good; Fair; Poor and Very poor, with health advice provided for each band.

The Air Quality Index for Health is calculated hourly and is represented on a colour coded map of Ireland, from which the public can easily assess current air quality in their area. The Air Quality Index for Health can be viewed at http://www.epa.ie/air/quality/.

Laura Burke, Director General, EPA, says: “The Air Quality Index for Health allows people inIrelandto keep informed on air quality and its impact on their health. Results from the EPA’s National Air Monitoring Network are combined with information on the health effects of air pollution and shown on a colour-coded map, updated hourly. People can check current air quality for their region, find out if it might impact on their health and get advice on what they can do to reduce the effect.”

To coincide with the launch of the Air Quality Index for Health, the EPA also launched a Twitter channel @EPAAirQuality. The public can sign up to this Twitter channel and receive tweets on the status of air quality in their region every day.

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