Businesses May Prosper as Public Interest in Renewable Energy is Confirmed

While new research from The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) highlights that the general public in the UK are positive about renewable energy, another study finds that it is becoming clear that there are potential business benefits to be derived from a greener approach. The Government research reports that four in five people (79%) said they supported renewable energy for providing our electricity, fuel and heat, with 28% strongly supportive. Just 4% opposed renewable energy. The Government report comes as findings from a recent Attitudes to UK Industry Study show that businesses that invest in renewable energy can benefit.

The Attitudes to UK industry Study shows that consumers urge businesses to wear their ‘green credentials’ with pride – seven in ten (70%) people feel that a ‘badge’ should be awarded to companies that use cleaner and more renewable sources of energy. And, with more than four in ten (41%) of consumers trusting companies that invest in renewable energy more than those that don’t, it is clear that brands which invest more heavily in promoting their ‘green credentials’ would gain the trust of potential investors too – as nearly one in five (19%) adults has invested in shares and would see a company’s interest in renewable energy as a factor in investment decisions. Three in four (75%) UK adults believe that businesses should explore the most environmentally friendly way of producing or using energy before using those which are less so.

The Attitudes to UK Industry report, which was conducted among 2,013 adults by Populus and sponsored by industrial marketing and PR company CadenceFisher, also found that there are many consumers who fully accept the financial implications of greener credentials with more than one in three (35%) adults willing to pay a little more for goods and services if the supplier was known to be investing the extra into more sustainable sources of energy.

CadenceFisher’s Dan Doherty adds: “The DECC report shows that the time is right for theUKto demonstrate commitment to renewable energy. Businesses looking to justify a return on investment from investing in greener technologies would do well to study this report and The Attitudes to UK Industry Study as the evidence clearly indicates UK adults’ support for a greener future.”

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