Save It Easy T5 Converter Warranty Extended to 5 Years

Save It Easy®, widely recognised as a leading retrofit T5 solution, now comes with a 5-year warranty, making it an even lower risk way to cut energy bills and maintenance costs.

With more than a million of the T5 converters installed across the UK and Europe, Save It Easy from Energys Group is a well-established, award-winning technology that allows organisations to keep their existing fittings when upgrading to energy-efficient fluorescent lamps. As a result of its success, Energys Group – a specialist in the supply and installation of energy-saving retrofit technologies – has chosen to extend the warranty on Save It Easy.

The plug-in Save It Easy unit quickly and easily converts old-style luminaires to H/F operation and achieves 37–65% energy savings with T5 and T8 lamps. What’s more, every Save It Easy unit, plus the converted light fitting, is now guaranteed for 5 years from purchase, irrespective of intensity of use.

Provided the installation is carried out by Energys Group or an approved installer, this means that the entire light fitting (not just the Save It Easy converter) falls under the 5-year warranty. The result is: if the lighting fails, you’re covered.

Kevin Cox, Technical Director of Energys Group, comments: “We recognise that organisations are naturally risk-averse at the moment, making long warranties even more important. The savings on energy bills and maintenance costs available from upgrading to T5 lamps mean that Save It Easy installations typically achieve payback in less than two years – a very low-risk proposition.”

He adds: “By converting the existing light fittings, rather than ripping out and replacing them, Save It Easy already takes the disruption out of an upgrade to energy-efficient lighting. Now, the 5-year Save It Easy warranty gives organisations complete confidence that the technology will not only arrive in good working order – it will also stay in good working order.”

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