Potential For Over 10,000 Extra Jobs in Green Economy by 2015

The Government has published ‘Delivering our Green Potential’, a Policy Statement on Growth and Employment in the Green Economy. The document outlines the Government’s ambition for growth and job-creation in the various sectors which make up the Green Economy, as well as the range of actions committed to be delivered in order to deliver on this ambition.

The Green Economy globally is worth more than $5 trillion, employs more than 30 million people, and is projected to grow at 3.7% per year over the coming years. It has been estimated that up to an additional 10,000 jobs could be created in certain green economy activities in Ireland by 2015 – not including the potential that exists in green financial services, agriculture, marine or tourism.

Actions committed to be delivered by Government to realise this potential include:

* Ensure that, on average, at least 200MW of new renewable generation connected to the grid each year;

* Introduce legislation to provide for a new offshore licensing and permitting regime;

* Introduce a Pay As You Save scheme to replace the Better Energy Homes scheme from 2014, and a strand of the PAYS scheme to improve energy efficiency in the public and commercial sectors in 2013;

* Through Enterprise Ireland, work with indigenous companies to identify and develop export opportunities for green goods and services;

* Through IDA Ireland, seek to attract more green financial services companies to Ireland;

* Support a sustainable approach to agriculture through Food Harvest 2020;

* Target growth in Green Tourism;

* Prioritise research and development in areas including Sustainable Food, Marine Renewable Energy and Smart Grids/Cities as per Research Prioritisation Report.

The document also sets out mechanisms to ensure delivery of the measures outlined. Delivering on the potential of the green economy requires a whole-of Government approach, and will be overseen by the Cabinet Committee on Climate Change and the Green Economy, which is chaired by the Taoiseach.

The Minister for Jobs,Enterpriseand Innovation, Richard Bruton TD will report to that Committee on progress in delivering commitments on a regular basis. In addition, the Minister will establish and chair an industry-focused Consultative Committee on the Green Economy to identify emerging opportunities for Ireland in the green economy, and will involve representatives of private industry as well as other stakeholders.

Minister Bruton comments: “As many commentators have recognised over recent years, the green economy is a sector where Ireland has major potential for jobs growth, due to the rapid growth of the sector globally, our natural advantages in the sector as well as our business-friendly and open economy. We also have cutting-edge companies, both indigenous and multinational, already operating in this sector, and a world-class research and development system. It is estimated that well over 10,000 extra jobs could be created over the next number of years, and we are determined to act decisively across Government to ensure that the proper measures are put in place to realise this potential.”

A copy of the report can be found at www.djei.ie/publications/enterprise/2012/Delivering_Our_Green_Potential.pdf.

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