Latest Data on Ireland's E-Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Now Available

Data provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on 2007-2010 E-Pollutant Release and Transfer (PRTR) reporting to the European Commission is now available on the national PRTR website. The map-based website is a database of chemical substances and pollutants emitted to air, water and soil, and transferred off-site for treatment or disposal. A total of 360 large scale industrial facilities in Ireland are covered by E-PRTR reporting requirements.

Facilities in Ireland included in PRTR reporting come from the power generation, wastewater treatment, chemical, intensive agriculture, minerals & cement sectors. Also included are large companies in areas such food and drink and waste sites.

The information is now available to the public on the national PRTR website at The EPA website, developed last year, is fully searchable using GIS maps.  The site can be searched by sector, facility or by chemical substance.  It provides information about the release and transfer of pollutants from industrial or business facilities which exceed certain thresholds.  It also provides reports on the amount of substances released to the environment or transferred off-site for waste management.

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