Fusion – A Future Global Energy Source – Dublin City University – 6.30pm, October 16, 2012

If you are interested in innovative sustainable sources of energy this seminar will demonstrate how it is possible to produce commercial energy from Fusion.  The National Centre for Plasma Science & Technology (NCPST) at Dublin City University will explain what fusion is and how fusion energy has the potential to provide a sustainable solution to global energy needs. Fusion will be available as a future energy option by the middle of this century, and should acquire a significant role in providing a sustainable, secure and safe solution to tackle European and global energy needs.

The seminar is part of the INNOVATION DUBLIN 2012 Festival taking place over 12 days from 15th–26th October, to showcase and promote innovation and creativity in Dublin. The majority of events in this year’s festival programme are free and aimed at the widest audience possible. The programme of events includes entrepreneur coaching, boot camps for brands, business planning, green procurement, data protection, digital piracy, music and the arts.

Full details are available on www.innovationdublin.ie.

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