Four Organisations Accredited in First Ever Compost Quality Assurance Scheme

Four composting facilities from around Ireland have been accredited under the country’s first ever Compost Quality Assurance Scheme CQAS 441 and compost quality mark, which encompasses the Irish Standard for compost quality (I.S. 441). Each of the facilities certified creates quality compost from garden and/or food waste collected in Ireland.

The CQAS 441Compost Quality Assurance Mark has been developed for use only by production sites that have reached this standard and are certified. The four facilities certified primarily supply high quality compost to the commercial horticulture, landscaping and agriculture sectors. More facilities will be certified to produce quality assured compost that will be packaged in smaller quantities for sale to householders and the retail sector.

The following facilities have been presented with the first CQAS 441 Composting Quality Assurance Scheme Certificates:

* Enrich from Kilcock, Co. Meath

* Bord na Móna, Kilberry, Co. Kildare

* Cremins Farm Compost, Charleville, Co.Limerick

* Limerick County Council.

The composting industry called for the need for third party certification of processes and products in composting facilities in order to bring the industry into line with European best practice and to help increase competitiveness. A certified facility must implement prescribed procedures thereby requiring more manpower and creating jobs in order to produce a higher quality end product. This work is supported by additional revenue from quality compost sales.

CQAS 441 is audited and managed by Certification Europe under the rx3 programme to develop markets for recyclable materials here in Ireland, funded by the Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government. For more information visit or lo-call 1890-732925.

Over 269,000 tonnes of waste materials were composted in Ireland in 2010. The customers for compost are mainly horticulture and agriculture industries for food production and landscaping industries for sports pitches, public parks and gardens.

363 people are directly employed on the island of Ireland in composting with a further 2,573 indirect jobs, with further employment likely with the expansion envisaged in response to national policy


The Minister for the Environment, Community & Local Government, has awarded certificates to four composting facilities from aroundIrelandto be accredited under the country’s first ever Compost Quality Assurance Scheme, CQAS 441. Pictured with Phil Hogan, TD, Minister for the Environment, Community & Local Government are (L-R) Maurice Cremin, Cremins Farm Compost, from Charleville, Co.Limerick, Kevin McCabe from Enrich, Kilcock, Co. Meath, and Sharon McGuinness and Dearbhail Ni Chualain, both from Bord na Móna, in Kilberry, Co. Kildare.

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