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AMCS Group announces the completed deployment of its comprehensive Recycling and Waste Management software, ELEMOS, by Charlotte based recycling company, ReCommunity.

ELEMOS provides ReCommunity with a cost effective, single platform across its nationwide operating locations.

Limerick, Ireland, August 21, 2012:  ReCommunity, the largest pure-play recycling company in the United States, in partnership with AMCS Group, the global leader in information solutions to the recycling and environmental management industry, announced the completed deployment of the ELEMOS suite of software.  Employing many state-of-the-art rapid deployment methodologies, ReCommunity was able to install, train and operationalize all of its 29 locations that use the software, as well as the corporate offices, within a 6 month timeframe.“New users are trained in less than a day and the support has been fantastic,” says David Eisner, CIO of ReCommunity. “AMCS Group has gone above and beyond to meet our needs—sometimes highly customized requests based on the specifics of an individual business.”

With the deployment phase completed, ReCommunity will now concentrate on utilizing the vast array of functionality that ELEMOS provides.  With ELEMOS, a total end-to-end solution is possible, allowing users the choice to start in areas that will contribute the largest and quickest ROI.  As each phase stabilizes and matures, new avenues of revenue generation, cost saving and customer interactions can be explored without major consideration to the impact those initiatives may have on the existing system.  The unified data structure that drives that functionality also provides unique opportunities to identify the effectiveness of current business processes through comprehensive data analysis that the past system(s) could not provide.  “This suite of software is exceptionally easy to use because of its intuitive design,” Eisner says. “The platform is extremely stable and powerful, offering new opportunities for analysis and monitoring. It is also based on industry standards allowing for seamless integration with our other systems.”

ReCommunity made the choice to partner with AMCS Group and deploy ELEMOS because of the unique insights that AMCS brings from their experience in the global waste and recycling industry.  That insight is evident in the software.

About AMCS Group

Established in 2003, AMCS is a recognised leader in the supply of IT management and tracking solutions for the recycling and environmental management sectors. Offering a total “end to end” solution that brings a fully functional and feature rich office software suite to on-vehicle technology that integrates RFID and on-board scales with a powerful OBC.  This powerful combination of technologies has enabled AMCS’ “pay-by-weight” to become the global standard in the industry, helping significantly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and encouraging more recycling.  AMCS in addition to its Limerick headquarters has offices in the UK, USA and Sweden and will open an office in France in 2012.

About ReCommunity

ReCommunity, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a leading recycling, recovery and repowering company that is focused on dramatically reducing the volume of land-filled waste through conversion into useful products such as recycled commodities, low-carbon energy, engineered feedstock, bio-fuels and other value-added recycled products. The company aims to lead a “Recovery RevolutionTM” by repositioning waste as a strategic community resource instead of a growing liability. ReCommunity enables community partners to generate additional revenue, recover community owned resources, create new jobs, fund budget shortfalls, and reduce their carbon footprint. For more information, visit www.recommunity.com.



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