World’s First Robotic Recycling System

The world’s first robotic recycling system, ZenRobotics Recycler, has been purchased by The Netherlands-based Baetsen Recycling. In total, the deal is valued at more than Eur1 million. The system will be installed starting in February 2013 at Baetsen’s recycling plant in Son.

The ZenRobotics Recycler system reclaims valuable raw materials from construction and demolition (CND) waste, by using industrial robots controlled with artificial intelligence. Baetsen Recycling aims to be a front-runner in innovative recycling technology.

“The increasing shortages in raw material supply, the under-utilized potential in waste materials and the complexities in manual waste sorting all demand a permanent, sustainable solution. Baetsen is taking the lead in recovering valuable fractions from waste. In the EU, materials recovery and resource efficiency are increasingly prioritized, and regulation in the near future will further focus in this area. Robotic recycling is the future: it is more efficient, cleaner, and safer than existing methods,” says Hans van Roosmalen, CEO of Baetsen Group.

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