Every Can Counts to Kick Off Repak Recycling Week

Alupro Ireland, with the support of Repak, has launched Every Can Counts, a new programme for used drinks cans promoting more sustainable habits at work, on campus and ‘on the go.’

Every Can Counts is an awareness campaign aimed at boosting the recycling rate of drinks beyond the home and is funded by Alupro Ireland’s founding partners the European Aluminium Association (EAA), in partnership with the Beverage Can Makers Europe (BCME), supported by Repak in Ireland. Every Can Counts is already successfully operating in other EU countries including the UK, France and Austria.

The programme targets behavioural change and in the UK alone over 50 million drinks cans were recycled in 2011 with a marked increase since the start of the campaign in 2008.

Alupro Ireland made the announcement to mark the launch of Repak Recycling Week, which will take place from 1st to 7th October this year. The annual event, now in its 12th year, aims to promote and encourage businesses and households to recycle more of their used packaging.

Approximately 500 million drinks cans are placed onto the Irish market every year, the majority of which are made from aluminium. Aluminium is an endlessly recyclable material taking just 60 days to be recycled and back on sale as a drinks can again, so it makes sense to recycle it, whenever and wherever possible. The drinks can producers and recyclers are committed to make Every Can Count towards a sustainable future!

Approximately 33% of drinks cans are consumed ‘on the go’ or away from home and it is clear that what we do at home is not continued in the workplace and ‘on the go’. Recent research undertaken by Repak revealed a huge gap between the recycling rate of drinks cans in the home and the workplace, suggesting that people sidestep their responsibility to recycle when outside the home. Over 73% of people claim to recycle used drinks cans at home regularly, while this falls to just 35% in the workplace and ‘on the go’.

Every Can Counts provides branded materials; branded bins, clear plastic bags and an information packs as well as other branded materials, many of them free, to help kick start any drinks can recycling campaign that companies, universities or community groups would like to run. To participate in the programme users simply register their interest on line at www.everycancounts.ie and they will be contacted by an Alupro Ireland representative. Every Can Counts aims to support people to help get their programme started and with the aid of ‘recycling champions’ within companies, on campuses and in community groups, we aim to drive Every Can Counts forward together.


Brooke Butler (6), Jack Gallagher (5) and Pippa O’Connor at the launch of Every Can Counts.

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