Carbon Trust Launches New and Improved Version of Footprint Expert™

The Carbon Trust has launched the latest version of its world-leading proprietary carbon footprinting software, Footprint Expert 4.0. This updated version is one of the first solutions on the market that will enable users to quantify carbon footprints of products and services, and produce results compatible with two recently released international standards.

Footprint Expert 4.0 is a carbon footprinting toolkit based on the methodology from internationally recognised standards PAS2050:2011 and the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol Product Standard. The Carbon Trust’s Footprint Expert software has been used to calculate more than 22,000 product carbon footprints to-date, which have also gone on to successfully achieve independent certification to those international standards.  

By using Footprint Expert 4.0 customers can realise a range of business benefits from the footprinting process, which include:

* Identifying opportunities to reduce environmental impact through reductions in material use, water, waste and energy.

* Identifying areas for innovation for low carbon and sustainable product design.

* Ensuring product carbon footprints are based on sound, tried and tested, internationally recognised standards.  

* Applying consistent methodology, increasing accuracy and comparability of footprint results.

John Whybrow, General Manager, Software at the Carbon Trust, comments: “Accurately measuring the carbon footprint of products can be a complex and time consuming process. Footprint Expert 4.0 takes a lot of the effort out of the process, with in-built methodologies based on internationally recognised standards already designed into the software platform. Using Footprint Expert delivers a reliable, more transparent product carbon footprint measurement. This can help you prepare for successful certification to international standards.”

As well as producing results that are aligned with internationally recognised standards, the new methodologies used in Footprint Expert 4.0 offer technical carbon footprinting advantages, including comprehensive reporting covering: boundary setting, sources of uncertainty, reduction targets, and better breakdown of data. This includes biogenic and non-biogenic emissions and removals using new methodologies and data provided within the tool.

Product carbon footprints measured to both new standards, PAS2050:2011 and the GHG Protocol Product standard, as well as PAS2050:2008 can be certified by Carbon Trust Certification. Footprint Expert 4.0 is designed to make the certification of carbon footprints as quick and straightforward as possible, while maintaining a result that is comparable with other certified footprints.

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