EU Decision Will Help Europe Catch Up With Ireland on Recycling

WEEE Ireland has embraced Ireland’s new recycling challenge as the countdown begins to the new WEEE Directive Legislation which has to be implemented into Irish Law by February 14th 2014. The Recast of the Directive sets new challenges for the WEEE industry including a collection target of 45% rising to 65% for all EEE (electrical, electronic equipment) placed on the Irish market and an increase of the recycling rate of most categories of WEEE by another 5%.

This will require Ireland to effectively collect double the amount of old and broken washing machines, toasters, televisions and other household appliances that needs to be recycled over the next decade.

Leo Donovan, chief executive of WEEEIreland, says: “We are delighted with the release of this directive as it provides a framework for WEEE recycling for the coming years. Whilst we are proud of the achievements to date, WEEE Ireland does not underestimate the challenges ahead in meeting the new higher targets.”

In 2011 WEEE Ireland collected 7.88kg per head, which was almost double the 4kg target as set out by the EU. With nearly 11million electronic items recycled last year, Ireland is well ahead of the European average and this needs to be sustained.

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