Environmental Pillar Expresses "Grave concerns" About Fracking

The Environmental Pillar has just published its policy on shale gas, calling for cessation of all fracking activities in Ireland. “The known impacts of fracking are so serious that the Government needs to act now to put a stop to all fracking activity inIreland,” says Michael Ewing speaking on behalf of the coalition of 27 national environmental organisations.

“Due to the secrecy surrounding the polluting processes involved – the damage done to communities, water supplies, wildlife, the environment and the long-term economic development of ruralIrelandmay well be even greater than the dire prospect already presented by the proposed industrialisation and degradation of our environment, across at least 9 counties of Ireland,” he continues.

“The Irish Government and the EU must focus their attention on increasing energy efficiency and accelerating the move to renewable energy rather than allowing the development of high risk, inefficient and polluting gas extraction processes that just add to the problem of climate change.”

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