Irish Businesses Look to Cut Waste Costs as Landfill Tax Rises

Businesses will face higher waste disposal costs as from this month as landfill tax rises to Eur65 per tonne under the Government’s continued materials diversion drive. The hike represents an Eur15 increase from the 2011-12 rate of Eur50 per tonne and will put companies under greater pressure to manage their waste more effectively by seeking alternative treatment and recovery options.

Waste experts are already advising business owners to approach reputable disposal companies who can offer advice on cost-effective solutions while ensuring they remain compliant.

Waste Management Solutions (WMS), based in Galway, says waste managers need to start minimising their exposure to landfill tax as it will continue to rise year-on-year.

WMS managing director David Noone comments: “The rise in landfill tax will have a direct financial impact on all businesses when considering the cost of their waste management. Ensuring that every possible material which can be recycled is removed from waste prior to disposal is the best way to reduce exposure to landfill tax.”

Waste Management Solutions works closely with businesses to assess their existing waste management processes and recommend ways to increase recycling rates, minimise the amount of waste going to landfill and reduce waste costs.

If you would like to contact Waste Management Solutions and arrange a free, non-obligatory waste management audit you can contact them on 1890 929470 or email

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