First Eco Smart School in Roscommon

Castlerea-based Eco Smart Design in conjunction with the board of management of Cloverhill National School in Roscommon and Oliver McDermott Construction, have formulated a comprehensive programme of works to improve both the energy efficiency and the physical condition of the school.

Following a detailed assessment Eco Smart Design, specified the necessary works to make Cloverhill NS Roscommon’s first ‘A’ Rated eco smart school. The works have been programmed to be carried out over a specific time period giving preference to the most critical works to be carried out first.

Initially, Eco Smart external insulation has been applied to the external walls of the school. External insulation such as this protects the structure of the building from both cold and moisture. Any heat that is created within the building is retained, thereby giving a stable and comfortable study and work environment for the students.

A new heating and ventilation system has also been installed in the school. The upgrade of the heating system and the external insulation together over time, will reduce the running costs of the school greatly. The design chosen for Cloverhill has created an eye catching, vibrant, attractive facade which will help create an exciting, learning environment for all students.

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