AMCS Group technology for SITA UK

AMCS Group technology for SITA UK

Environmental software and solutions provider AMCS Group has completed a project with SITA UK to include AMCS Weighing and ID systems and on-vehicle route management software being deployed on its commercial fleet of 150 vehicles.

The commercial fleet with AMCS technology now offer SITA UK the benefit of weighing and asset tracking customer bins and using electronic routes and job lists. The data collected can be viewed in the office software in real time as every system fitted transmits its collection over the mobile network during the course of the collection round.

One of the many operational efficiencies SITA UK have achieved thanks to the electronic route-list system is the reduced consumption of over 300,000 sheets of A4 paper each year, as now all information relating to the vehicle’s round is uploaded and updated via the in-cab screen, replacing hard-copy worksheets.

David Foster, COO for Logistics at SITA UK, said: “Technology such as this helps us improve across the board. The electronic pad has all the customer and route details available to the crews, and can also be updated during the day, for example if a customer asks for an extra lift or cancels an order. It also has a touch screen which allows the drivers to enter notes about a problem – locked gates, for example.”

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