Mainstream Renewable Power first to sign technology deal with Enverian

Enverian Ltd. has signed a landmark partnership agreement with global renewable energy developer Mainstream Renewable Power to install and use Renewable Portfolio Manager – an innovative cloud based business solution that brings an international, standards based approach to project tracking, ranking and valuing. Mainstream Renewable Power, founded by Eddie O’Connor, is using the solution to optimise the company’s decision making and management processes across their onshore business.

The deal will see all of Mainstream’s onshore wind and solar energy portfolio being tracked, ranked, and valued using Enverian’s Renewable Portfolio Manager application. The solution has already been deployed and will be developed further for Mainstream in partnership with Enverian to bring greater value and efficiencies to the organisation. Renewable Portfolio Manager is the only solution in the market developed to help Project Managers, Development Executives, and Chief Financial Officers in renewable energy companies maximise their investment by capturing real-time project information which can be used to inform key management decisions.

Enverian’s Chief Executive, Colin Rogan said: “We provide the answer to many of the biggest management challenges facing renewable energy development companies. Our product will allow them to track progress across their portfolio of projects from the earliest stage, rank opportunities in multiple jurisdictions across multiple energy types as potential investments, and ultimately to value them as long term assets. This enables fully informed investment decisions to be made and demonstrates where the company is creating most value by providing a single version of the truth.”

Renewable Portfolio Manager has been developed using the best technologies, an in-depth understanding of the many complex processes associated with development/pre-construction activities and a multidimensional, tracking, procurement and valuation model that will give instant updates on the global portfolio of project activities. Renewable Portfolio Manager can generate informative reports for comparing project financials, provides management information, and investment decision support.

Bartley Doyle, Chief Operating Officer, Onshore at Mainstream Renewable Power commented: “Right now we’re developing 10,000 megawatts of onshore projects around the world, and tracking our project portfolio is a real challenge. As an independent global software provider focused on the renewable energy sector, Enverian are the ideal partner for us as we aim to improve and optimise our decision making and management processes.”

He continues: “Renewable Portfolio Manager demonstrates how we are embracing new and innovative business solutions which can deliver real time project progress information and gives us a competitive advantage over our competition. As we grow our business and the number of our projects increases Renewable Portfolio Manager helps us to efficiently manage the complexity of the processes and provide timely information to stakeholders and investors. With Enverian’s Renewable Portfolio Manager we can have accurate updates of all projects in all jurisdictions which saves time and effort across the organisation. We now have a consistent approach to tracking all our projects in each of our onshore jurisdictions and now all our team are working on a single version of the truth.”

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