Ireland Well Ahead of EU Packaging and Recycling Targets

Ireland’s packaging recovery and recycling rates continue to exceed EU packaging recycling targets, according to statistics contained in the latest EPA National Waste Report. The EU target for packaging recovery was 60% in 2011 with Ireland’s recovery rate of about 74% for 2010, placing it in the top six amongst other and longer established European countries for packaging recycling.

“The major investment made by Repak and its members over the years, which was €29 million in 2010, has seen packaging recycling rates increase exponentially from 15% in 1998 and proves the major role packaging recycling has played in helping Ireland meet its other EU landfill diversion and bio waste targets,” says Dr Andrew Hetherington, chief executive Repak Ireland.

He continues: “While this success in packaging recycling is to be applauded, the whole area of recycling continues to be a major challenge for this country and requires constant vigilance, particularly with regard to enforcement. In this regard Repak looks forward to participating in, and sharing its experience with, and the view of its members in the forthcoming PRI review which, we understand, will be evidence based, transparent and will take an in depth analysis of the entire recycling landscape to aid the minister determine future policy in this area.”

Repak was founded by Irish industry in 1997 to facilitate and grow packaging recycling. It is ‘a not for profit’ packaging recycling scheme, funded only by industry members. Based on the principle of producer responsibility, Repak was established to help businesses meet their legal obligations to fund the recovery and recycling of the packaging on the goods or services they supply, as set out in the Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations 2007.

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