High-Volume trailer will boost economy, reduce congestion and cut emissions

20% increase in volume while still meeting current weight limits

Transport and distribution specialist Eddie Stobart has made the first-ever UK delivery using its new high-volume Envirotrailer under new regulations introduced to boost the economy, cut congestion and slash carbon emissions from the industry.

The eco-trailer is being operated under a Vehicle Special Order as part of the Department for Transport’s recently announced 10-year trial of semi-trailers one metre and two metres longer than the then maximum length of 13.6 metres.

The extended trailers allow operators to carry higher volumes of goods but still meet the current regulations with regard to maximum permitted weights and turning circles.

Stobart’s first delivery today utilised a 15.65 metre trailer with two steering rear axles – providing impressive manoeuvrability and less wear and tear to the UK road network. The trailer was packed with 54 retail cages full of groceries for Tesco – demonstrating a 20% increase in payload and effectively allowing the number of trucks on UK roads to be decreased.

With its emphasis on delivering sustainable distribution, Eddie Stobart has long championed the use of high-volume trailers to realise environmental benefits. It was recently granted a licence to operate 90 new trailers across its fleet.

William Stobart, Stobart Group chief operating officer, said: “Eddie Stobart has a reputation for innovation in the transport industry and today is another milestone in the company’s history as we operate the first longer trailer in the UK. We have worked in partnership with the DfT to help introduce these new trailers and the industry as a whole is set to benefit from the opportunities and environmental advantages they bring

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