Irish Aviation win energy award

After optimising airline routes in order to save millions of litres of fuel a year, the Irish Aviation Authority have won a Sustainable Energy Award.

Other cost-saving initiatives by the IAA have include a freeze on safety regulation charges and the re-design of airspace.

The Sustainable Energy Awards were established in the nation to rewards those companies who make efforts to become greener, irrespective of their size or stature.

Eamonn Brennan, CEO, IAA, said that investment in new technology has enabled Irish air traffic control to work more efficiently, therefore reducing the environmental impact of air travel.

He said: “Airline passengers would not be aware, but we have dramatically enhanced our systems and technologies and streamlined air traffic operations and routes through Irish airspace,” said Brennan.”

Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Pat Rabbitte, TD also praised the IAA for their new measures.

“These translate directly into more cost-competitive businesses and more cost efficient public services.

“By implementing energy efficient standards and practices we have a seen an average of 13pc energy savings across all organisations involved in this year’s Sustainable Energy Awards. I congratulate all who took these steps to become more energy efficient and I urge other companies to get involved,” Rabbitte said

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