Winner – Pfizer Ireland

(“YOU have the power”)

Company Information

The Pfizer Newbridge facility manufactures solid oral dose pharmaceutical products for human consumption. Today the Newbridge plant is a centre of excellence for the provision of global health care products and also region specific health care products for the Pfizer global organisation.

Operations are based on formulation activities, consisting of blending raw materials, granulation, drying and coating processes, with subsequent filling and packaging operations and product distribution from the site.

The production facilities comprise of packaging and processing buildings, solvent recovery plant, offices and laboratories.

Project Description

“YOU Have The Power” is the title of the Pfizer Newbridge Energy Awareness campaign which was developed and managed by Dermot Doran. This comprehensive, holistic, cross-functional Energy Program seeks to optimize the consumption of energy and other resources at the Newbridge site. The program is anchored on four key areas: decommissioning, Energy Awareness, energy efficiency improvements and use of renewable technologies.

“YOU Have The Power” the energy awareness element is a communications platform that was designed to change the attitude and behaviour of colleagues and enable Pfizer Newbridge become more energy efficient and competitive within the Irish and Global Pfizer Network.

Specifically “YOU Have The Power” is a sustainable campaign that focuses on a reduction in energy consumption, empowers colleagues to take action and provides a mechanism to affect change, encourages behavioural and eventually cultural change amongst colleagues.

Ultimately, it is a strategy to create a greener and more sustainable site.

YOU Have The Power” is delivered through targeted energy communications in the form of Green Living, Green Working and Green Future.

In the first 15 months of the programme  6% energy savings were achieved.

Judges Description

This wide reaching energy awareness campaign connects the home, business and community showing strong demonstration of behavioural change. “YOU have the Power” has actively engaged staff to reduce energy consumption and improve competitiveness through Green Living, Green Working and Green Future. The programme empowers staff to take action and provides a mechanism to effect change.

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