Winner – Cylon Active Energy

(Remote Energy Monitoring and Management via the Cylon Active Energy, energy management bureau.)

Company Information

Since 1985 Cylon is at the forefront of the development of building energy control systems becoming one of the largest independent manufacturers in Europe. Providing building energy management systems across all categories of buildings, large and small, maximising comfort and efficiency, its building energy management solutions have been installed in Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Project Description

The project is based on the Cylon Active Energy service which provides a virtual building management service that remotely controls a building’s energy consumption.

Cylon’s Energy Operations Centre in Dublin manages time schedules, temperature set points and optimises the heating/cooling systems to deliver occupant comfort at minimum energy cost. Taking complete control of clients’ buildings, Cylon ensures any plant and equipment problems are identified immediately. Remote trouble shooting ensures continued operation and optimum use of maintenance resources. In fact the active energy service will also drive down maintenance and service costs.

As Cylon Active Energy is a Cloud based energy management solution, it enables the analysis of a number of buildings via one interface for benchmarking of energy performance across a portfolio of buildings to evaluate and implement different energy reduction projects. This information can then be accessed via any internet enabled device to ensure access to energy performance of a building from any location at any time. Most energy management solutions will only tell you where you are using too much energy.

The Active Energy service ensures identified savings are locked-in and achieved month after month giving confidence to predicted payback periods for plant upgrades. Average annual savings for 8% for seven of its customers amounted to 10.5 million kWh and 2,375 t/CO2.

Judges Description

Cylon Active Energy Management system is an innovative energy management bureau service which optimises building performance using cloud based technology to provide remote control of large number of buildings. The Active Energy Management system assists owners to increase building performance through information and control optimisation technology. Building energy management systems are often operated for maintaining comfort levels rather than energy efficiency therefore control optimisation can address problems such as poor commissioning, poor operator training, and address issues such overriding of control settings to maintain operation at the expense of efficiency.

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