Winner – Astellas Ireland Company Ltd. (Kerry Plant)

(Empowering, motivating and leading in Astellas)

Company Information

Astellas  Ireland Company Ltd., develops and markets innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products.  There are three manufacturing sites across Europe, one of which is located in Kerry. These European manufacturing sites produce the majority of Astellas Europe’s products, as well as other key active pharmaceutical ingredients. The Kerry Plant was established in Killorglin in 1990 and presently employs over 290 people.

Project Description

Micheál Cassidy’s role as Energy Manager in Astellas Ireland Co. Limited (Kerry Plant) (AICL KP) is to empower, motivate and lead a team to implement a strategic and planned approach to Energy Management. Working in this area since 2005 he was formally appointed as Energy Manager in 2006.  His areas of responsibility include, energy procurement Contracts (electricity, gas, oil); management of critical energy consuming plant; promoting site wide Energy Awareness programmes; administration of Energy Management Committee; scheduling and participating in plant energy audits and Energy Efficient Design (EED).

In addition, Micheal is responsible for progress reviews in relation to the attainment of targets on a monthly and on a bi-annual basis reporting to the senior management team on progress in achieving all energy objectives and targets.

Micheálhas established an Energy Management Team on site which manages all aspects of energy efficiency and reduction. This cross site energy team has developed and introduced a  number of tools, and practices and provide a solid framework for managing site energy.

The successful implementation of energy saving projects is a direct result of this effective managed by Micheál. Approved energy saving projects are implemented through these teams and his role includes verifying energy savings and motivating, coaching and supporting team members.

Previously, the energy-saving opportunities lay in optimising energy at the periphery of production. The formal energy-management system implemented by Micheálallowed AICL (KP) to delve into the company’s core energy requirements.

Micheál hasachieved energy savings of 6% and costs savings of 11% since his programme commenced.

Judges Description

MicheálCassidy has demonstrated that since taking up is role as energy manager in Astellas in 2005 he has been pivotal in reducing energy consumption through empowering and motivating others. He has demonstrated the ability to implement a strategic plan for Astellas including securing  financial support from the parent companys’ Corporate Social Group to develop alternative energy supplies to help Astellas achieve carbon neutral status. Micheál’sprofound understanding of good energy management principles and practice has seen him sit as an external on a number of university and colleges review bodies on their Energy Teaching programmes.

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