Longford Water Conservation Project

Network Rehabilitation

Longford County Council is pleased to advise that work on the Longford Water Conservation Project is progressing very well. The works are now passing half way and are well ahead of schedule.

This Contract comprises of the Rehabilitation/Replacement of existing water mains and installation of new water mains. The bulk of the works (9.5 Km) will be located within Longford Town and its environs (map linked below) with the remainder of the works (4.5 Km approx) being carried out on the R194 from Killeter to Ballinalee Village. Well over 7 Km have now been completed within the Town Environs and the remaining 2.5 Km within the town will be ongoing from now until December 2011.

Throughout the construction period the works have been programmed to minimise disruption to water supplies, however their will be some localised disruptions.
Some elements of the existing water mains within the town are nearly 100 years old and obviously needs replacement. At the same time these works will provide an improvement in the quality of water being delivered to the consumer.
Following the completion of the watermains rehabilitation works on certain roads i.e. N5 Ballinalee Road and Park Road, major road resurfacing works will follow at these locations.

 Due to the extensive nature of the works there will inevitably be traffic disruption within the town. Longford Local Authorities staff will be meeting regularly to coordinate works in order to minimise disruption.

The works were expected to take until May 2012 to complete however the Longford Town element should be completed much sooner. Special conditions and restrictions have been included in the contract to ensure there will be no traffic disruption within the centre of Longford Town or on the approach roads in the run up to the important Christmas shopping period.

Longford County Council regrets that there will be some disruption caused by the proposed works however these works will be of significant benefit to Longford Town and its environs.

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